Why Should I Consider Remortgaging? This is a commonly asked question. As the savings can sometimes be quite substantial and the process of remortgaging can be relatively painless, once you are nearing the end of your ‘deal’ period or if you are already on your lender’s variable rate, it is worth exploring if there is a more suitable product available to meet with your current circumstances. We want for you to pay as little as possible for your mortgage and repay this debt in full as soon as possible. Remortgaging can sometimes save you money and allow you to reduce you mortgage term and thus repay your mortgage quicker. It is great opportunity for you to reevaluate your mortgage.

Our primary goal is to make the process of applying for and successfully completing on your new mortgage as swift and as easy as possible whilst addressing any additional protection requirements that you may have.

We take care of the whole process, including submission of any supporting documents, chasing the lender for updates and liaising with conveyancing solicitors to ensure the process is concluded smoothly and in a timely manner. In many cases, lenders won’t charge you legal and valuation fees for a standard remortgage.

Is Remortaging Worth It?

Many customers in the current financial climate may be resting on their lender’s variable rate, having come to the end of their ‘deal’ period, and finding the variable rate quite comfortable. Why change that?

Well, nothing in life is for certain, and this definitely applies to mortgage interest rates. Mortgage lenders have the ability to amend their variable rates at any time they choose. In most cases, they tend to follow what the Bank of England (BoE) does, but this is not a steadfast rule. There is nothing to say that some lenders may take the action of putting their variable rates up, regardless of what the BoE are doing.

By remortgaging to a new ‘deal’, it is possible to negate the probability of being affected by future uncertainties. We make the process easier than you may imagine, and you may be glad you did…