Conveyancing Solicitors

Whether you are buying or remortgaging a property, a licenced conveyancer will need to carry out the ‘legal work’ involved with completing the mortgage. This process is known as conveyancing.

If you are buying a property, the estate agent may recommend their preferred firm to do this for you. If remortgaging, many lenders will offer incentives to use their chosen conveyancing firms. There are other options!

Where Can I Find a Conveyancing Solicitor?

Perhaps the estate agent’s preferred firm are already acting for another party in your purchase chain – conflict of interest. Or a firm suggested to you simply does not take your fancy.

At Red Leg Financial Services, we source from a nationwide network of conveyancing firms via a system known as Broker Conveyancing. We can compare conveyancing solicitors across the country based on price, speed of service, location and customer satisfaction.

Even if we are not handling your mortgage, we are happy to find you a conveyancer/solicitor who will meet your needs and even make the process a little easier and swifter…

Conveyancing services are provided by a third party. Neither Red Leg Financial Services or First Complete Ltd are responsible for the advice received. The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate conveyancing services.