Buy To Let

Whether you are looking to rent out your home, purchase your first buy to let, remortgage a buy to let property or add to an existing property portfolio, Red Leg Financial Services has the experience and knowledge to help.

With recent changes to the way in which mortgage lenders assess buy to let affordability, it is now more complex to obtain a buy to let mortgage. We will guide you through the whole process.

Owning a property for investment purposes may result in tax implications associated with your buy to let property. In light of recent tax changes, we advise that you take advice from a tax specialist prior to purchase. If you are considering building or adding to a property portfolio, it may be appropriate to do this as a Limited Company and, once again, taking advice from a tax specialist is highly recommended.

Generally, the wish is for your buy to let property to be self-financing, with rental income received covering the mortgage payments. By sourcing the most appropriate mortgage product, our aim is to ensure that your property does not result in an unwanted financial burden but instead, a healthy income stream.

There are many buy to let specialist lenders with an ever increasing number of new lenders entering into this arena of mortgage lending. Combined with the numerous ways of assessing affordability, it can sometimes appear quite confusing. As this is a particular passion of ours, we’d be happy to chat things through with you in clear and simple to understand language.